Saturday, January 03, 2009

o.k. opera

OK opera, give us your poor
and mass of huddled cough,
fuck, we need a break,
need singer upon stage,
melody upon melody,
melody upon mattress of song,
need park and bark,
your wretched, give us your starving,
your gilded windows,
your lyric tenor entrenched in despair,
a spray of consonance
of double consonants
OK, opera,
voice of your angel atop an oscillating fan,
voice of what conscience
from one end of this neon to the other,
from one top of this welfare cigarette to the bottom,
what are you if not a psalm for the masses
but a cloud of Puccini
waltzing immaculate fright?
OK, alright,
from one canvas of public transportation to another
we alight, OK opera,
you delight,
OK opera,
we come, we die,
you, OK, goodnight.

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